Does Your Car Audio System Need an Upgrade?

Americans spend more time in their vehicles than any other nation on Earth, and for good reason. Our country is a massive expanse covering every type of terrain imaginable. Just our commutes to work can take up a significant portion of our lives. That said, it would be wise to make sure that time is well spent. While travelling in the car, there are very few things that can be enjoyed safely. Luckily, listening to music is one of them.

Whether your old sound system is broken or you just want to upgrade to a new one, a new car speaker system can make any car, truck, or SUV feel brand new. If you are new to this process, however, it may seem intimidating and confusing. In reality car speaker systems are fairly straightforward. There are three main components to keep in mind: the head unit, the amplifier, and the speakers.

What Exactly Do I Need?

The head unit, also known as a radio or stereo, is the heart and soul of your audio system. This is the part that you look at and press buttons to control the sound. How fancy you want to get is completely up to you. In the past, people were lucky to get a CD and cassette player. But, today the options are nearly endless. Bluetooth, satellite radio, a touch screen, and even an integrated rear view camera are all options when considering your head unit. The actual audio function of this unit is just to transmit your sound input to the amplifier, so even the simplest of head units will get the job done.

The amplifier does exactly what it sounds like; it amplifies. It doesn’t amplify sound, however, that is the job of the speakers. A car’s amplifier takes the audio signal from the head unit and boosts it so that the speakers can pick up on it and transmit it into sound. The amplifier is often housed in the head unit itself, so you probably won’t need to worry about this part. But just in case, make sure your new head unit has one included so that you can actually hear your sound!

The final component to your new sound system is the speakers. These are responsible for the output of the audio, so you will want to be sure to get a great set. Most cars have at least four speakers, but you can add as many as you’d like. Speakers function by actually moving in a pattern to create noise, so they must be clear of all obstructions. This is important because how much room you have available in your vehicle may determine the size of speakers you can get.

With the speakers, there are two main types: full range speakers and separate component speakers. Full range speakers have 3 types of speaker built into one, the tweeter (high pitch), midrange, and woofer (low range bass). The separate component speakers have these broken up into distinctly separate speakers. This allows the user to fully customize the sound, but also is more expensive and complicated. In the end, the choice is up to you.

When upgrading your vehicle’s speaker system, there are thousands of possibilities to choose from. Make sure to keep in mind what kind of music you will be listening to and what you expect from your sound system. You wouldn’t want to spend thousands on an amazing hip hop bass system if you’re a bluegrass fan. In the end, your speakers are there so that you can enjoy your music, so enjoy, and enjoy the process of creating your new sound system!

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