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Best Laptops for Kids 2017 – Top 14 Guide & Reviews

Kids are requiring and using their own laptops more than ever. They use laptops at school, for homework, for playing games, and for communicating with friends. Chances are, if you have an elementary, middle, or high school aged child, you will be looking to purchase them one

The Best Lightning Cables 2017 In Depth Review

When you imagine the best lightning cables, a few features spring to mind. Lasting durability is the first priority, followed by fast, reliable charging. Last but not least, the best lightning cables should work flawlessly with all your Apple devices. Sounds great, but it’s hard to find

Amazon’s New Fire Tablets: What You Need to Know

Every year we’re treated to a new generation of Fire Tablets, each a little better than the last. That doesn’t mean you should upgrade every year, but if you’re looking to retire that old Fire 6, or if you’re just curious what all the fuss over these

The Best MacBook Pro Cases of 2017

Now that you’ve made the hefty investment in a new MacBook Pro, you’re no doubt wondering the best way to protect it. You need one of the best MacBook Pro cases to help you avoid expensive repair bills now, and to help preserve the laptop’s resale value

Best Laptop for DJing 2017 – Reviews & Insider Tips

A DJ’s laptop is arguably their greatest tool. DJs rely on their laptop as a hub for the myriad of both hardware and software that they use to keep the party going. However, not just any laptop will suffice to meet a DJ’s high demands. Because of this,

Best Tablet for Kids 2017 – Top 10, Reviews, & Tips

Thanks to the development of tablets specifically designed for kids, you no longer have to give up your tablet, laptop, or phone to give your child an opportunity to use technology as a part of his or her learning and entertainment. We have done the due diligence for this year’s

Best HTPC of 2017 (Home Theater PC) Reviews & Tips

Creating a home entertainment system gets simpler and more inclusive all the time. Now you can combine the functionality of smart TVs, media streaming services, cable and satellite, and even gaming consoles all on one affordable device. We’re talking about the best HTPC, of course. These compact

10 Best Android Tablets of 2017 – Once You Go Android…

Ever feel like you are the only one not completely infatuated with everything Apple? Well, you are not alone. More and more people are being converted to alternative operating systems every day, proven by the wild success of Android tablets. The best Android tablets are just as

Best Laptop for Programming 2017 – Guide & Reviews

When your job requires you to be able to write code while on the go, you need to find a laptop that is able to keep up with you. If your career calls for long hours of programming, and especially if you travel frequently for work, you’re

Best Portable Monitor 2017 – Top 8 Guide & Reviews

It’s amazing how much bigger your entertainment world can become with the simple addition of a portable monitor. The best portable monitors can be used with your tablet, phone, laptop, gaming console, camera, and more to bring you high quality video anywhere. Choose a pocket sized portable