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How to Mount a TV – Step by Step Guide

Knowing how to mount a TV properly is imperative. Improperly mounting a TV on your wall can lead to damage of your TV, wall, and, even worse, can cause potential safety risks for people in the surrounding area. Making sure to use one of the best TV

How to Install Surround Sound Speakers – Easy Guide

To get the most out of your movie watching or gaming experience you need some of the best surround sound speakers available. More importantly you need to know how to install surround sound speakers properly. Installation and placement make all the difference. We have put together this

How to Install a Wireless Doorbell – Step by Step Guide

More and more things that used to be anchored down by electrical wiring are now being replaced by similar yet improved wireless versions. Phones, speakers, and even the best wireless doorbells have all ditched the hard wire and have forever become wireless devices. We have found that doorbells, in

How to Install In Ceiling Speakers – Step by Step Guide

Installing in ceiling speakers is a great way to take your home audio or home theater system to the next level. The cost of professional installation can be daunting. But, with a little bit of know how you can install in ceiling speakers yourself without too much