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How to Install a Wireless Doorbell – Step by Step Guide

More and more things that used to be anchored down by electrical wiring are now being replaced by similar yet improved wireless versions. Phones, speakers, and even the best wireless doorbells have all ditched the hard wire and have forever become wireless devices. We have found that doorbells, in

Best Camera for Travel 2017 – Guide & Insider Tips

There is nothing worse than coming back from a travel excursion only to find out that all of your pictures are blurry and out of focus. While a smartphone picture may be fine for a casual weekend away, anyone who travels often knows the value of a having

Best Metal Detector 2017 – Top 8 Guide & Insider Tips

While some people prefer to relax on the beach and work on their tan, others prefer to take the more venturous route by grabbing their metal detector and setting off on a quest to find real life treasure. For some, metal detecting may simply seem like a

Best WiFi Extender 2017 – Top 8 Guide & Expert Reviews

Having the best WiFi extender ensures WiFi connectivity will extend to all of the rooms in your home or office. These handy devices extend the range of your WiFi connection so you can get fast, secure internet in every room. The best WiFi extenders even work when

How to Fly a Drone – Step by Step (Beginner’s) Guide

Owning a drone can be a fun hobby all by itself, or it can be a great way to add a new edge to an existing hobby like hiking or drone GoPro photography. However, managing a quadcopter style drone can be a bit tricky for the first-time user.

Best Faucet Water Filter 2017

Water is the most important necessity for our health. Unfortunately, getting clean drinking water from your tap is not always possible. Although some tap water in major cities is filtered, there are still always small traces of minerals that could affect the taste of your drinking water.

Top 7 Best Polaroid Cameras 2017 – Guide & Reviews

The best Polaroid cameras, or instant cameras, are portable and easy to use allowing you to print instant photos with the click of a button. Polaroid cameras are ideal for parties, vacations, camping, and everyday events worth capturing for a lifetime. And, even in a world full

Top 10 Best Electronic Dart Board 2017

Darts can be a fun way to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. They can also be serious business for league and tournament players. Whether you just like to toss a few darts at the pub for fun or you like to keep your

10 Best Headphones for Airplane Travel 2017

Frequent flyers know how important it is to always travel with a set of headphones. Long flights are often an extremely boring experience and the overall noisy sounds of a plane can be distracting and unpleasant. With the right pair of headphones by your side you can

10 Best Activity Trackers 2017

It seems like everyone is wearing an activity tracker these days, but this is more than just typical fad. Activity tracking has major benefits. It allows you to set goals and keep yourself accountable. Whether you want to lose weight, lower your body fat percentage, train to