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Best Christmas Light Projector 2017 – Top 14 Guide & Tips

Outdoor decorations are a lively and enjoyable way to prep for the holidays. However, at times just the setup process of decorating can leave us stressed out. Outdoor Christmas light projectors are an easy way to decorate as they eliminate the frustrating process of stringing tons of

The 10 Best Outdoor Projectors of 2017 – Essential Guide

There are many reasons why individuals choose to purchase the best outdoor projectors. They are great for use at home in outdoor living areas, on campus, or at the office. One of the most prevalent misconceptions is that a projector must be specifically labeled for outdoor use to be

Best Home Theater Projectors 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Having one of the best home theater projectors is a great way to take your movie nights or game day hang outs to the next level. Home theater projectors are much more affordable than they once were. And, with recent technological advances, many people are opting to

Best Pocket Projector 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Reviews

Until recently, even the best pocket projectors were considered no more than a novelty gadget. This is because pocket projectors were not powerful enough for their true purpose of high quality projection. Fortunately, LED lamps have improved with time and now the best pocket projector models have become much more

Best 3D Projector 2017 – Top 8 Guide & Expert Reviews

Revolutionizing the way we watch movies, TV shows, and play video games, 3D projectors take traditional HD viewing experiences to a whole new level. Totally immersing the viewer in a world of color, light, and realism, the best 3D projector has come a long way and can

Best Star Projector 2017 – Top 6 Guide & Expert Reviews

Are you looking for a truly amazing indoor star projector experience? If so, make sure you check out one of the best star projector models available today. There are many stationary and portable star projectors to choose from. Some of the best star projectors are geared towards infants and toddlers while other more advanced and

Best Budget Projector 2017 – Top 8 & Expert Reviews

If you always wanted a projector but thought they were out of your budget, we’ve got some great news! The best budget projectors today can turn any room into a home theater with easy set up and crisp, clear picture quality. In fact, if you simply intend

Best 1080p Projector 2017 – Top 8 & Expert Reviews

For HD quality entertainment and ultra-sharp presentations, you need the best 1080p projector. Unlike lesser projectors which stretch images for “HD support”, the best 1080p projectors use native 1920×1080 resolution for true high definition viewing. These projectors also feature bright lamps, high contrast, and versatile connectivity for

Best Short Throw Projector 2017 – Guide & Insider Tips

Short throw projectors are perfect for showing presentations, watching movies, and gaming with friends all within small or limited space. The best short throw projector will allow you to project large images (up to 300 inches) onto flat surfaces while they only sit two to three feet

Best Portable Projector 2017 – Top 10 & Expert Reviews

Not too long ago the idea of a portable projector was a far off vision in the technology arena. While there were a few key choices then, none of them offered a stunning visual quality. As technology has progressed so has the viewing experience associated with portable