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Best WiFi Extender 2017 – Top 8 Guide & Expert Reviews

Having the best WiFi extender ensures WiFi connectivity will extend to all of the rooms in your home or office. These handy devices extend the range of your WiFi connection so you can get fast, secure internet in every room. The best WiFi extenders even work when

Best Modem Router Combo 2017 – Top 10 Guide

Having the best modem router combo is extremely handy for home users and business owners alike. A modem router combo requires less space and fewer wires than individual components. And, it is often less expensive to buy a combo package. The problem is that there are a lot

Best Router for Gaming 2017 – Top 10 Guide & Reviews

If you are a serious gamer, you know how important it is to have the best router for gaming. One that can stand up to the rigors that come with all types gaming of activity. And, even though video games are meant to be fun, it is

Top 10 Best Dual Band Router 2017 – Guide & Expert Reviews

Believe it or not, your internet service provider may not be to blame for slow internet. If you want truly fast internet speed, then you need a dual band router. Upgrading to the best dual band router will give you the freedom to use all of your

Best Router for Streaming 2017

From streaming live sports and watching the local news to curling up on the couch to watch a movie or a favorite TV program, more and more people now opt to stream at their leisure, rather than being tethered down by outdated technologies. People who choose to

Best Router Under $100 of 2017

There are several different reasons why families and businesses require routers. The first, of course, is that it converts a wired internet connection into one that several individuals and devices can share. In some cases this may be done without physically connecting to the router. For others

Top 10 Best Wireless Access Point 2017 – Guide & Expert Reviews

A wireless access point (WAP) is what enables electronic devices to interface to a wired network via Wi-Fi. A wireless access point is also what typically interfaces with your router, but can also serve as the fundamental element of the router itself . Most importantly, having the best wireless access point is a

Top 6 Best Router for Multiple Devices 2017

Are you looking for a reliable router that is able to handle working with not just your personal computer or laptop, but also phones, tablets, gaming consoles, printers, smart TVs, wireless security cameras and many other achievements of technology? If so, you will want to find the

10 Best DD-WRT Routers 2017 – Guide & Expert Reviews

By using the best DD-WRT router you can increase signal strength, manage network usage, access home computers remotely, and much more. There are a lot of DD-WRT routers to choose from. It can confusing and often overwhelming. This is why we are helping you with our new 2017

Best WiFi Repeater 2017

If you are experiencing issues with internet connectivity either in the home or the office, the WiFi repeater may be just the thing you need to help work out those kinks. Finding the best WiFi repeater may not be as hard as you think when you know