Are You Cooking Rice Incorrectly, Endangering Health?

For many, cooking rice may seem like a straight forward task. Simply boiling water and then adding the rice may be all that it takes. Recent studies have shown that this method may be leaving millions of people susceptible to harmful chemical contaminants. And, continuing exposure to these harmful pollutants have been linked to a number of health problems including developmental problems, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The good news is that by making slight cooking tweaks one can flush out most, if not all, of these harmful toxins. Experimental findings showed that by simply putting additional water in the pan or even steeping it overnight was the best way to flush out any harmful contaminants.

In addition to using more water, it was proven that soaking rice overnight, additional rinsing of the rice, and cooking the rice on the lowest heat possible for 10 to 15 minutes also helped to cleanse rice of toxic chemicals.

Rice is a staple in much of the world’s diet. And, this does not appear to be changing anytime soon. Millions have added high quality rice cookers to their kitchen so they can prepare rice in a safe and tasty manner all with the push of a button.

It has even been said that rice cookers are used as much or more now than many people’s microwave oven. Manufacturers of rice makers have felt the demand serge as well and have focused on producing consumer rice makers of all shapes, sizes, quality, and price ranges.

Rice makers are also great in that they take the guess work out. Many of the best rice cooker models will show exactly how much water to use and actually cook the rice at the optimal temperature for the perfect time ensuring that rice is cooked as safely and contaminant-free as possible.

In addition to ensuring that rice is cooked safely, rice cookers also help users easily enhance the taste of a rice dish by allowing salt and other flavorful spices to be added and cooked alongside of the rice in prime fashion.

Whether one chooses to add a rice cooker to their kitchen repertoire or continues to cook rice with a traditional pot or pan, it is important that rice is cooked in the safest way possible to ensure as little toxic impurities as possible.

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