Does Your Kid Really Need Their Own Laptop?

Seemingly gone are the days of U.S households having a single shared computer. With the advancement of personal computer technology and the development and accessibility of laptop machinery, personal computers (PC) have truly become an individual device. And, with everyone within a household now necessitating their own computer, the very real question of when to allow your kids to have their own computer or laptop comes into play.

One recent study found that the average age for kids to get their first laptop or tablet has dropped down to 10.3 years. This number has been quickly dropping over the last eight years. Laptop computers are not the only devices being given to children at an earlier age. Similar studies are showing that kids using tablets and smart phones have surged from 22% to 55% within just the last couple of years.

This early access to internet ready devices by children is also driving down the age of kids that have active social media accounts. This alone lends many relevant opinions and concerns of its own.

One thing is for sure, and that is that kids are being exposed to technology at an earlier age both at home and in school. Many parents have accepted the fact that their child will need access to their own personal computer device. The questions for many then become: Which is the best computer for a kid? Would a laptop be better for a child? Or maybe only a tablet specific for kids is all that is required? In any case, the good news is that there are seemingly endless options to fit children of all ages with all digital task requirements.

Manufacturers have long predicted the increasing demand of laptop computers for school aged kids and even younger. And thus, there are a number of companies that are investing in computer models ranging from basic educational style devices to high powered CPU units that can handle even the most advanced computing tasks. Additionally, software companies are constantly developing ways to keep kids safe from online dangers even when using standard PC devices.

These kid-centric initiatives are helping to put parents at ease and become more comfortable in terms of integrating a laptop, PC, or any other similar device into a child’s daily life.

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