Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard Proven Health Benefits

Since the 1950’s, typing on keyboards has been a fundamental part of the workplace. In more recent years, the keyboard and mouse have invaded our home offices and even our pockets. The keyboard and mouse have become a central part of our lives, leading more and more people to seek the most comfortable products. Whether you are working from home, or just updating your social media account, the computer is inescapable.

Due to the amount of time the average person spends on their computer, painful ailments such as carpal tunnel have become prevalent in our society. Ergonomic mouse and ergonomic keyboard designs have greatly increased comfort and ease of use, while greatly decreasing the painful side effects of long time use. By utilizing recent studies into how our bodies work, designers have come up with improved ways of getting work done comfortably.

Normal keyboards are shaped like rectangles: very straight and compact. While these look quite simple, they are actually at a horrible angle for your arms and wrists. Nearly all laptops come with a standard, non-ergonomic keyboard. It is for this reason that many laptops users find the need to by an external keyboard for work at home. This unnatural positioning takes a toll on your comfort. The longer one spends on their keyboard, the less comfortable it will be.

Ergonomic keyboards do the exact opposite. They get more comfortable the longer you use them. Ergonomic keyboards are often shaped in a seemingly strange design, but they take a very brief amount of time to get used to. These seemingly strange shapes are designed to keep your bones in a straight line to decrease the stress on your wrists and joints. If you work on a keyboard every day and do not have health problems, keep in mind that these can take years to develop. Even if you feel like your wrists and arms are completely fine, it would be beneficial to switch to an ergonomic model if you are planning to continue spending time on the computer. This is especially true for people that use a keyboard for gaming.

Standard mice are just as harsh, having your hand lay flat on a conventional mouse is keeping your bones at an unnatural angle. An ergonomic mouse usually goes one of two ways. One, it is a regular mouse but sideways. Or two, it is a “ball” mouse, requiring little to no wrist movement. The sideways mouse is widely hailed as the easiest to transition into from a standard design because it is used in exactly the same way. If the actual movement of your wrist is what is causing pain, a “ball” mouse may be a better option.

Is it Too Late to Make a Switch to Ergonomic?

While both the ergonomic keyboard and mouse can look daunting at first, they only take a little getting used to. Once you have gotten used to these items, they become far easier to use than a normal keyboard and mouse. Not only is comfort greatly improved, but the speed at which one types usually also increases.

For your comfort and health, and ergonomic keyboard and mouse are worth switching to. Not only will it be worth the investment, but the investment itself can be inexpensive. Prices on these products range from very low to very high, with quality products in every range.

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