5 of The Best Hiking Destinations in The United States

Whether you’re looking for a simple outdoor weekend getaway or a long-term trek, there are plenty of popular hiking destinations that the US has to offer. Not only does a good hike serve as a great vacation, but it’s a sufficient form of exercise as well. Not to mention the fact that you get to spend a few hours in picturesque locations, creating memories that last forever while you enjoy the pure rawness of nature.

After talking with hiking experts and even taking to the trail ourselves, we bring you the 5 can’t miss hiking destinations in the US.

Grand Canyon

It goes without saying, that the Grand Canyon, is one of the most widely sought out destinations in America. Although there is plenty that the canyon has to offer in terms of things to do, overlooking the hiking trails is big a mistake.

The floor of the canyon can be reached if you’re up for a demanding workout. Remember to bring plenty of water, because nobody is immune to the heat and exhaustion frequently experienced by Grand Canyon hikers in the summer. Usually temperatures are significantly increased at the bottom of the canyon, so you will want to make sure to rehydrate for your trek back up.

Pacific Crest Trail

A dream come true for long distance hikers. The Pacific Crest Trail is commonly frequented by a mix of folks trekking it on foot and horseback. The trail begins near the US-Mexico border and ends near the US-Canada border. The trail runs somewhat parallel to the California coastline, and fluctuates between 100-150 miles east of it. It is a total of 2,659 miles, but hikers can break the trail up into less lengthy excursions if desired. Properly packed gear and hiking backpack are not optional.

Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park is located in Montana and situated on the state’s border with Canada. The million-acre park features 130 lakes, and a plethora of unique plant life and wildlife, making it a desirable location for not only hikers but botany researchers and enthusiasts as well as nature lovers at large. Be sure to check out some of the few, but rapidly melting, glaciers left to behold.

The park features 700 miles lush hiking trails, which draw roughly half of the parks total number of visitors. Check out a portion of the Continental Divide Trail, which covers the full extent of Glacier National Park from top to bottom.

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one of the most well-known, historically significant long-distance trails on the east coast. The 2000 plus mile long trail is exclusively for hikers, and over 2 million people a year hike the trail to varying distances. The trial is primarily located within forest like settings, and runs through a total of 14 eastern states, from Georgia to Maine.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is a national park that covers a distance of close to 750,000 acres. It is an ideal landmark to get a taste of what the Sierra Nevada Mountains have to offer, and is a travel destination to over 4 million visitors annually.

Yosemite features more than 800 miles of hiking. Whether you are looking to backpack for multiple days or are seeking to burn a few calories for a single day hike with the family, Yosemite is a place worth checking out. There are even some rock climbing sections hikers can enjoy, such as Half Dome.

All of the prior mentions are worth seeing, each offering a unique opportunity to check out American nature and wildlife, while in the meantime serving as a form of exercise. Keep in mind that some of trails and parks mentioned, namely Yosemite, also offer camping accommodations that make for great summer trips.

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