How to Install In Ceiling Speakers – Step by Step Guide

Installing in ceiling speakers is a great way to take your home audio or home theater system to the next level. The cost of professional installation can be daunting. But, with a little bit of know how you can install in ceiling speakers yourself without too much trouble at all. Use this detailed step by step guide on how to install in ceiling speakers and before you know it you will have high quality in ceiling speakers that are flush mounted to provide a clean, minimalistic appearance.

How to Install In Ceiling Speakers – Let’s Get Started

Step 1
Pinpoint speaker locations and do your measuring. Where should you install your in-ceiling speakers? Ideally, you will want them placed squarely between two ceiling joists, between 5 and 10 feet apart. If you have an attic space or crawlspace above your ceiling, go exploring and see if you can locate these joists. If you can’t visually see the joists, a stud finder may come in handy. Avoid placing speakers in areas where plumbing or electrical wiring are already running.

Step 2
Make the marks for the speakers on the ceiling. Once you’ve found a nice, clear spot or two for your speakers to be nestled, use your in ceiling speaker set’s template to sketch out the area to be cut out onto your ceiling using a pencil.

Step 3
Make your initial cuts and take a final quick peek before moving forward. Don’t cut along the edges of the template marks you made just yet. First, use a drywall saw to make a hole that is smaller in diameter than the still to be drilled hole (the one you sketched out with the template in the previous step). Take a peek through this hole to be absolutely sure there isn’t any plumbing pipe or electrical wiring in danger of being sliced into when you make your final cuts.

Step 4
Finalize cuts. Once you’re sure you’ve found the sweet spot for your in ceiling speakers, carefully finalize the cut-outs where your speakers will go. Be very careful with this step. Cut too small, and your speakers won’t fit; cut too big, and your speakers will slide right out of the ceiling. Take your time with this step and make sure those cuts are precise. Cut a hole near your receiver or amp that is large enough for speaker cables to fit through, as well.

Step 5
Connect cables to your amp or AV receiver and run your speaker cables through the holes. After your cuts are done, you can run your UL-rated or CL-rated speaker cables through your new ceiling holes and down the wall to the outgoing hole near your receiver, leaving enough cable dangling from the speaker holes for the final in ceiling speaker installation. Take the speaker cables from the outgoing hole near your receiver and hook them up.

Step 6
Install the speakers and enjoy. Remove the grille plates from your in ceiling speakers before moving forward with the actual installation. Connect the ends of the speaker cables that you left peeking out of your ceiling holes with your new in-ceiling speakers and then slide them into place. Secure them in place with screws, then replace the grille covers onto your speakers such that they are flush with the ceiling’s surface. That’s it! You’re ready to sit back and enjoy better, bolder home audio with your new in ceiling speakers.

We hope you enjoyed this guide of how to install in ceiling speakers and were able to save a few dollars along the way.

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