How to Mount a TV – Step by Step Guide

Knowing how to mount a TV properly is imperative. Improperly mounting a TV on your wall can lead to damage of your TV, wall, and, even worse, can cause potential safety risks for people in the surrounding area. Making sure to use one of the best TV wall mounts available is important as well.

In this How To Mount A TV Guide we will outline the step by step process for properly mounting a TV on the wall.

How to Mount a TV – Let’s Get Started

Step 1
Find a mounting bracket that is sized correctly for your TV. Most TV mounting brackets on the market today are designed to fit a specific size range. Make sure you pay attention to any weight limitations of the mounting bracket, and know the weight of your TV set before you begin the mounting process.

Step 2
Affix the mounting bracket to the back of your TV. If you look at the back of your TV, you should see a few evenly spaced holes with screw threads inside of them. These screw holes are there specifically so that a TV mounting bracket can be attached to your TV. Align the bracket over the holes and use the screws provided with your TV mount to affix the bracket to the TV. The bracket should be tight and flush with the set, and should not wiggle when pressed.

Step 3
Remove the standing base from the TV. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that affix the standing base to your television. Although the base is handy when putting the TV on a console, it just gets in the way when wall mounting it. By removing this bulky base, you can mount your TV to the wall as needed.

Step 4
Locate the area on the wall you will be mounting the TV. Find that spot directly across from your couch or easy chair and find the studs in the wall prior to finalizing your TV mount. You can use a magnetic or electronic stud finder, or go the old-fashioned route and knock on your wall until you feel and hear the solid stud behind the surface of the wall. Be careful not to choose a spot that has wiring behind it. Carefully mark the spot you want to mount your TV with a pencil, making sure that the markings are level and located on a wall stud.

Step 5
Secure the TV mounting bracket to the wall. Drill pilot holes in the studs, using the spots you marked on the wall as a guide. Make sure your pilot holes are slightly smaller than the plastic anchors you will be using to fill them. Tap the anchors into the wall, then place the TV mount bracket onto the wall so that the holes of the bracket are aligned with the anchored pilot holes. Affix the bracket to the wall by screwing properly sized bolts into the bracket holes and into the anchors inside the pilot holes. Your TV mount bracket should be firmly secured to the wall at this point.

Step 6
Mount the TV to the wall. With the help of a friend, carefully line up the bracket on the back of your TV with the bracket on the wall and slide it into place. Gently let the weight of your TV settle itself onto the TV mount bracket and get a feel for how secure it is. Now, you can plug in, turn on and enjoy your wall mounted TV.

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