7 Interesting Facts About Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality, or “VR” has been associated with gaming since day one. And, as we get closer to perfecting virtual reality, you may be surprised to know these 7 interesting facts about virtual reality gaming.

VR Headsets Have Been Around Since The 90’s

Although virtual reality gaming has been greatly in vogue as of recently, many earlier versions of what we see today came out of the 90’s. For example, the the Virtual Boy by Nintendo, was certainly an early milestone insofar as virtual reality gaming. Despite an ambitious marketing campaign, that touted the system as uniquely capable of displaying the best (at the time) in 3D graphics, the Virtual Boy was ultimately a commercial blunder.

Sony Experimenting in VR Before Playstation VR

Many people are under the false impression that Sony just suddenly appeared in the VR domain with their popular and successful PlayStation VR Headset. The Glasstron, was Sony’s earliest attempt at creating a virtual reality headset, and the PLM-50 model of the headset originally hit the market in 1996.

Samsung Gear VR Collaborative Effort With Oculus

Thats right, Occulus, a preeminent VR technology company, collaborated with Samsung to bring us the Samsung Gear VR. The headset is a powerful tool that includes a controller, and is even popular for being a widely used VR platform to play the well-known video game Minecraft.

VR Fitness Games Are on The Rise

Playing video games and getting in shape are becoming increasingly compatible activities. Not all of these games have to be played while interacting directly with a VR headset. Some of them simply require a monitor, that can be attached to a cardio bike or treadmill. The goal of these games is to be exciting enough to distract the players mind from the fact that they are exercising. The Goji Play by Blue Gojiis an interactive biking game that plays out while gamers engage in their exercise routine.

The Use of Virtual Retinal Display in VR Gaming

Many VR headsets utilize top notch technology to enhance the user’s experience through what is called virtual retinal display, or VRD. By tracking the user’s retina, VR systems are able to adapt to circumstance, and provide gamers with a more personally catered system through adjustments in focus, depth, brightness, and a number of other VRD factors.

Omnidirectional Treadmills in Fitness VR Games

Due to this, exercisers are able to free their range of movement rather than be limited to a single course of motion. An omnidirectional treadmill also gives the gamer the opportunity to more fluidly explore the entire range of a game’s universe.

Virtual Reality in Role Playing Games

While there are not many VR RPG’s available to gamers today, industry leaders do expect this to change. Many gamers eagerly anticipate seeing how the merge of VR in a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) universe will play out. RPG’s are commonly set within a fantasy world, and in the case of MMORPG’s that world is ever changing even when the individual user steps away from the game. Sony in particular, seems to be heading in the direction of virtual reality role playing gaming. The company even went so far as to register the trademark “VRPG”.

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