18% Job Growth Predicted for Video Editing Careers

Recent studies are predicting as much as an 18% increase in video editing associated jobs between 2014 to 2024. As of 2015, video editing professions usually required at a least a bachelor’s degree (master’s degree preferable) and paid an average salary of at least $80,300.

Video editing skill sets have never been more in demand than they are now, and this has been leading to more and more students focusing their studies on video editing proficiencies. With video editing relying so much on computer and software technology these days, the needed aptitudes are constantly changing and evolving making it imperative that professional video editors stay current with the newest technology and techniques.

Over recent years, manufacturers have continued to release computers and software designed specifically for high quality video editing. It is imperative that those looking to excel within the video editing profession have one of the best computers designed for video editing tasks. Along with high quality video editing computers, it has become just as important to use and become proficient in the most popular video editing software.

Another factor that is growing the video editing career demand is the number of jobs and companies that are utilizing online video media. With many industries requiring an online presence companies are looking for experienced video editing professionals that can edit video content for both subject matter and advertising/promotional efforts.

Social media, in particular, has created a substantial demand for video editing professionals.  Further analysis showed that this increase in demand is for both full time employees as well as part time and freelance employees.

Many colleges around the county have taken notice of this required skill demand and have started refining both undergraduate and graduate programs accordingly. Colleges including New York University, Boston University, USC, Florida State, and Ohio State, have taken their video editing programs to the highest level.

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