The 10 Most Reliable Laptops of 2017 – Guide & Reviews

In a world of disposable technology and forced obsolescence, you just want a laptop that lasts. Your ideal laptop is durable, with a strong chassis and long lasting keys. The most reliable laptops will work just as well today as they will five years from now thanks to dependable power and hardware. We know exactly what you’re looking for, which is why we made new 2017 list of the 10 most reliable laptops. These great machines will deliver dependable performance for years to come.

Features to Keep in Mind

The most reliable laptops are often called “workhorses”. This word conjures the image of a machine that works hard, sometimes for hours every day, delivering superior performance even under the heaviest loads. It’s a laptop with a durable exterior, that’s not built to be super light or portable but instead to last for years of accidental dings and spilled coffee.

If this sounds like the laptop you need for work, school, or play, here are some features to keep in mind:

  • Replaceable, Long Lasting Batteries. The most reliable laptops are designed to survive hours of use every day. That means having a battery that lasts a reasonable time on full charge, doesn’t lose capacity over the years, and is easily replaceable when the inevitable happens.
  • Durable Construction. As always, metal chassis like aluminum and magnesium are more durable than plastic ones. Not all plastic laptops are flimsy, though. Carbon fiber, for example, is stronger than typical ABS plastic. You’ll also want keys that don’t rub off with use, and that are easy to clean and replace.
  • Next Gen Hardware. The most reliable laptops will work well now and in the future, so they need toptier hardware to stand the test of time. This ensures they’ll work well under resource intensive loads and will be compatible with future software. For this reason, all the laptops on our list feature an i7 6th or 7th generation processor, at least 8GB of RAM, a solid GPU, and extensive storage. These laptops will work seamlessly now and won’t need to be upgraded for a long time.
  • SSDs. When reliability is a factor, solid state drives are essential. SSDs, as opposed to HDDs, are more durable, faster, quieter, and use less energy. Most of the reliable laptops on our list feature at least an SSD, and are sometimes coupled with an HDD for additional storage.

The most reliable laptops are solid from the inside out. They feature superior protective computer cases and powerful hardware. You can be confident that all the laptops on our list will outlast the competition with reliable, dependable service.

Top 10 Most Reliable Laptops Comparison Guide

PictureNameScreen SizeStoragePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameScreen SizeStoragePriceRating (1-5)
1. Dell XPS9360-4841SLV Laptop (Voted Most Reliable)13.3”256GB SSD$$$$4.7
2. HP Envy 17t Full HD High Performance Touchscreen Laptop17.3"240GB SSD$$$$4.6
3. ASUS VivoBook FHD thin and light Gaming Laptop15.6”256GB SSD$$$4.3
4. Samsung NP900X5N-L01US Notebook 915”256GB SSD$$$$4.2
5. ASUS GL753VE-DS74 Gaming Laptop GTX17.3”256GB SSD 1TB HDD$$$$4.2
6. HP 14-bw010nr AMD E2-9000e laptop14” 500GB HDD$4.2
7. Lenovo FHD Touchscreen Premium High Performance Laptop15.6”1TB HDD$$4.1
8. ASUS ZenBook UX303UB 13.3-Inch QHD+ Touchscreen Laptop13.3”512GB SSD$$4.1
9. Dell Inspiron i7559-3763BLK FHD Laptop15.6”8GB SSD 1TB HDD$$4.0
10. HP Pavilion 17 Gaming Laptop17.3”128SSD 1TB HDD$$$3.9

Reviews of the Top Rated Reliable Laptops

1. Dell XPS9360 Laptop (Voted Most Reliable)

Smaller laptops are becoming more popular for professionals and students alike, and this laptop proves why. Despite the compact 13.3” screen and ultra light 2.7lb weight, this laptop is made exceptionally well. The chassis is made from a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber for a balance between durability and heat conduction. The display is 10 times more shock and scratch resistant than regular glass, made from Corning Gorilla Glass NBT.

Inside, this small laptop is equally impressive. It features a 7th Gen, Dual-Core i7 processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 256GB of SSD storage, and a respectable Intel HD 620 GPU to help recreate gorgeous graphics on the QHD display. Don’t be fooled; the tiny XPS9360 is a workhorse in disguise, capable of both multitasking and running singularly intensive programs.

This is a touch screen laptop, so you’re free to use either the touch points or the flawless trackpad. The keyboard is backlit, too, giving the XPS9360 added functionality and an even more premium appearance. This is easily one of the most durable, reliable, powerful, and attractive compact laptops on the market today.

2. HP Envy 17t High Performance Touchscreen Laptop

If you think 13.3” displays are too small, we’ve got you covered with the HP ENVY 17t. This mainstay features a 17.3” touch screen, but that’s not all that’s big about this laptop. It’s a desktop replacement that weighs an unapologetic 7lbs, thanks in part to its heavy aluminum and carbon fiber body. Keyboard is backlit so you can use this at all hours of the day or night.

It also over performs under the hood. This reliable laptop can run games, movies, and multiple applications, all with the same smooth performance. It comes with a 6th Gen i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 240GB SSD. The NVIDIA GTX 940M GPU is a little disappointing but still powerful enough for most users.

Battery life isn’t great, as is to be expected from such a large machine, but it was never meant to be portable. Instead, this laptop was designed for years of heavy use on a computer desk. With such an impenetrable chassis and next generation hardware, it promises to be a reliable fixture for everyday use.

3. ASUS VivoBook FHD thin and light Laptop

Believe it or not, gaming laptops are often some of the most reliable laptops as well. Gamers play for hours on end, running resource heavy programs that demand split second response time. The ASUS VivoBook is a great example of this. With a standard 15.6” screen, it’s perfectly sized to be portable yet big enough to display multiple widows and engaging media.

Constructed with an aluminum chassis, this laptop will keep your internal components cool and protected. It also features dual fans for both the 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700HQ quad-core and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB graphics, as well as IceCool technology to further ensure your components won’t be damaged by heat from extended use. You’ll enjoy 16GB of DDR4 RAM alongside an expansive 256GB SSD for quick performance.

ASUS has achieved excellent battery life with this model, too. It can be expected to last 4 full hours of heavy use and 6 to 8 hours of light use on a single charge. This is a solid, affordable laptop with satisfying heft, a gorgeous display, and future proof reliable hardware.

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