Movie Theaters Brace for Forecasted Summer Decline

Decline in movie theater attendance has been a growing dispute for several years now. Studies show that this decline has compounded significantly over the last seven years due to the increase in video on demand, streaming services, access to pirated content, and the popularity and affordability of home theaters.

In particular, home theater systems have been growing in popularity year over year. And, thanks to the versatility and increased demand for home theater equipment, acquiring and setting up a quality home theater has become the obvious choice for many consumer and former movie theater regulars alike.

One variety of the home movie theater phenomenon that is reported to have been overlooked by some movie theater proprietors is the new demand for outdoor projection home theater setups. This new niche of quality and affordable outdoor home theater projectors is becoming the movie viewing media of choice for many families, especially in the spring, summer, and fall months.

Manufacturers have, in more recent years, felt the demand for outdoor home theaters and thus have been supplying outdoor specific home theater equipment including optimized outdoor projects, premium outdoor speakers, and high quality outdoor projector screens.

For many movie goers, home theaters have a number of benefits when compared to visiting a traditional movie theater. These benefits include optimized sound, monetary savings, personalized experience, among others.

For some, the outdoor home movie theater experience is the ultimate movie event. A mixture of nostalgia and high quality theater components brings more to many viewers than any retail movie theater can provide.

So where does this leave the movie theater industry? Year after year financials show that movie theaters throughout the country have been fighting an uphill battle and are forecasted to be in for more hard times. This, without a doubt, will be impacted by the increasing demand for indoor and outdoor home movie theaters. Business insiders are predicting that movie theaters will fight this additional decline in seasonal attendance with increased concession offerings, additional movie selections, and increased ticket prices for folks that still prefer the appeal of time-honored movie theaters.

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