The 3 Must Haves for Any Home Theater Set Up

When watching movies on your laptop just won’t cut it anymore, a home theater is exactly what you need for that premium film viewing experience. Movie theaters excel in their screens and sound, but you can bring that quality to your house, too. To achieve movie theater quality in your own home, there are three things you will need: comfortable seating, clear audio, and a beautiful screen.


When you’re watching a movie, you will be sitting still for over an hour. When sitting down for that long, comfort is a priority. While movie theater seats are limited due to their need to pack in as many people as possible into the theater, your home theatre has far more flexibility. Reclining chairs are perfect for screening films, but placing a plethora of la-z-boys in the middle of a room will destroy the aesthetics of the room. Luckily, there are manufacturers that specialize in home theater seating. With their expertise, you can have a row of gorgeous reclining leather chairs with built in cup holders. These will ensure that you are comfortable while your room retains its feng shui. Seating is definitely not something to skimp out on, so make sure to choose your seating wisely.


Next, you’ll want to focus on the audio. The sound is never something to overlook, because it is the difference between seeing a movie and feeling like you’re in the movie. Surround sound speakers are a must for any home theater, and luckily there are a plethora of systems to choose from. If you’re into action movies with explosions, you will definitely want to get a great low end, so the bass can really bring that explosion to life. If you’re more into musicals and dramas, the mid to high end of the speaker system is where you’ll want to focus on. Whatever the choice, make sure to choose a reputable brand.


Finally, we come to the screen. The single most important part of a home theater system is the screen. If the movie is not crisp and clear then there is no point in all of the great sound and comfortable seating. First thing to ask yourself is whether you would like a home theater projector or a large flat screen TV. For the most part, home theatres use projectors. Projectors are extremely vivid and clear, offering an excellent display. Movies theatres use projectors because it is far cheaper for them to do so, but a home theatre may find the opposite. A projector system requires you to buy a projector as well as a projection screen to project on. This offers excellent quality, but can be quite expensive. Flat screens can also offer great clarity, but they can only be so big. In the end, your screen is up to you, but be sure to test multiple different systems. Your home theater should be nothing less than the perfect movie watching experience.

And Remember…

Whether you are installing a full-sized movie theater in your mansion, or just adding a new area to your basement, a home theater system is always a great addition to the house. Getting the right equipment is your first step to having the perfect film screening system. Above all else, make sure you’re happy with what you end up purchasing. You’re the one watching movies on it, and that’s all that matters.

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