A Party Speaker For Every Party & More

Is there really such a thing as the perfect party speaker? The answer is yes and no. Over the last several years technology has taken speakers of all kind to new and better places both physically and sound quality wise. With a seemingly endless variety of speaker types, the best party speaker really comes down to the type of party at hand.

The most popular party speakers can also range a great deal in price. Depending on the type of party one is looking to entertain with music, one may be in the market for thousand dollar or more industrial high end powered speakers that can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of listeners. Or, on the other hand, one may need a much smaller, inexpensive speaker to entertain a few friends during a more intimate gathering.

For some, true party speakers are used in conjunction with DJ equipment essentially making them DJ speakers. High quality DJ speakers are made to keep a party rocking though the use of high wattage output and powerful bass attributes. Speakers that are used as dedicated DJ speakers usually fall within the higher end price ranges and are much less portable and wear-resistant than many other social setting speaker options.

There are a number of other speaker alternatives that come in a much more portable and versatile package than DJ speakers. For example, some speakers are completely wireless and can connect to a music media device via Bluetooth, WiFi, or AirPlay. These wireless party speakers are great for smaller settings, and although they usually will not have the highest sound quality output, they are many times a great option as they allow anyone with wireless media player to control the music as well as the ability to move the party from room to room or even venue to venue.

Not to be overlooked, the ever-popular pool or beach party has its own set of requirements for optimal speakers. Many times, an easily accessible power source may not be available so having a speaker that is rechargeable is a major plus. Additionally, having a water-resistant or even fully waterproof speaker is a great option for a party that revolves around water, dirt, snow, etc. Some entertainment speakers are even made to float right in the water while still providing respectable party quality sound.

One thing is for certain and that is that there is a speaker available for every party situation. Once you have identified your speaker needs as well as your budget, it just becomes a matter of finding the perfect speaker model for you and your party. Usually the more powerful and better sounding fidelity the higher the price tag but that does not mean that there are not amazing deals to be found.

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