Is New Projector Tech Causing the TV To Go Extinct?

Not that long ago, there was a time in which our technological focus was on making things smaller. Recently, this trend has shifted in the opposite direction. Everything must be larger, especially our screens. Phones, monitors, and television screens are increasing in size by leaps and bounds. If you have disposable income, you can even buy an eighty-inch TV, bringing the theatrical experience right into your home. But how can we recreate this experience without spending tens of thousands of dollars? Home theater and personal use projectors are the wave of the future.

So, why should you consider a projector instead of a traditional television set? Value and quality. Simple as that. For less than half the price of an oversized television you can incorporate phenomenal visuals into your home theater system. High end projectors are capable of reproducing resolution as good, or better than, most expensive TVs.

Available 4K HD projectors create a visual experience unlike anything you have seen before. Screen prices vary by design and you can customize a projector screen to meet your needs; you can even put the screen away if you wish. Try doing that with a massive television. And the projector itself takes up virtually no space at all. The only hitch (and if you have considered investing in an enormous television, money is probably not an issue) is the requisite expense of a sound system. High-end projectors, most often, do not come with built-in speakers; if they do, they are generally of poor quality.

There is also the physical benefit of owning a projection screen home theater to consider. The larger screen coupled with the lower intensity light of a projector is easy on the eyes and you can watch for hours without strain. LCD and LED displays quickly produce symptoms of eye strain during and after prolonged exposure. Also, worth noting, it is comfortable and easy to watch in a large group. Friends and family can spread out easily in the space available, establishing a pleasant social aspect to your home entertainment that may not be possible while jockeying for prime seating in front of a TV. There are also now even outdoor specific projectors that allow you to take your entertainment to places once not possible with the use of a standard TV.

There are a few drawbacks to making the switch from large screen televisions to a projection screen system. The effects of ambient light on image sharpness and running wires for the projector and surround sound (purchased separately). But the physical, social, and financial perks outweigh the drawbacks significantly. If you haven’t considered this before, give it some thought before running out with your tax return and purchasing the biggest (and heaviest, and most fragile) television you can find. Bring the magic of the silver screen into your home for a fraction of the price. Your family and friends will thank you.

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