Top 5 Must Have Bicycle Accessories

Bicycling is a great way to get exercise and explore the world around you. If you are looking to get into cycling, or you are an established cyclist desiring to stay up to date with regard to your bike accessories, you need to make sure you’ve got the right gear on hand before you go riding.

Here are the top 5 bicycle accessories for all cycling enthusiasts alike:

Bike Light
A functional bike light is an important accessory for the safety minded cyclist, and in more places than not, it’s also something that riders who wish to venture out after dark must have. A good bike light doesn’t need to cost a fortune or have super powerful lumens output. In fact, in many riding conditions, a mid-range lumens output is ideal (and lower lumens are best in foggy conditions). Your best bet is to get a moderately priced bike light with an adjustable dimmer.

Bike Lock
If you use your bicycle for commuting and need to leave it unattended for any stretch of time, a solid bicycle lock is a must. There are many types of bike locks available on the market, but a basic U-shaped bike lock should be an affordable investment that keeps your bicycle secure while you work or play.

Portable Pump-And-Seal 
Many people would never leave home in a car or truck without a canister of fix-a-flat on hand. Nor should a bicyclist count on their tires staying intact and pumped up. Thus, keeping a portable pump-and-seal system on you whenever you ride is something every bicyclist should do in order to ensure that they get home safely no matter where they ride.

Riding Gloves
This is a must for anyone who rides longer distances. While some avid bike riders may be willing to build up calluses and deal, there are more reasons than mere comfort to ride while wearing riding gloves. For example, riding gloves can help with securing your grip on the handlebars—something that can be iffy during humid or rainy weather conditions (or even on a sweaty, dry summer day). Riding gloves are a must if you want to ride both comfortably and safely.

Okay, this one is just for fun. Sure, you could ride using earbuds, but having your hearing occluded by in-ear speakers could prove dangerous in a world where being ultra-aware of your surroundings is crucial to your survival. Instead, consider opting for a wireless bike speaker that can be mounted right onto your bike frame, so you can safely enjoy music while also riding safely.

With the right equipment, you can step your cycling experience up a notch. Don’t be caught without a cycling necessity miles from home. By investing in these must-have bike accessories, you can have longer and more enjoyable bike rides.

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